Packaging is a major key to success. As an emerging brand in the beauty industry, first impressions begin at the bottle.


Max Private Label has associated itself with a company specializing in short run digital color. This allows us to offer our customers a full color label for a reasonable cost.


1000’s of custom and stock formulations are available to our clients. Creating Custom formulations to your exact specifications is MPL R&D’s goal in all projects.



We have created 1000s of amazing formulas from scratch. Our R&D capabilities range from reverse engineering and improving existing formulas to developing formulas worthy of patents. The R&D team at Max Private Label has a wide range of formulation experience.


Max Private Label has 100s of Pre Formulated stock ingredients for all items that you see on Product page. Choose one of our already-perfected, ready-to-use formulas. Customize according to your preferences. We can match fragrance & provide color sample


We will be pleased to give you an estimate for developing a custom product Sample or full collection under your own private label. We can develop formulas from scratch, modify existing formulas to create unique formulas, or manufacture your own existing formula.
$50 – $150 Per Sample.
Price Varies for Stock formula Vs. Custom Formula


Once your special product is developed, we have a 3500 unit minimum order on stock formulas.
5000 unit minimum on custom formulas.




The planning phase of any business venture is key to the success of any product. Each piece of the puzzle including formula, packaging, branding, marketing, and distribution are vital parts of a successful product. From packaging to target demographics, our experts are here to assist you each step of the way. It’s important to consider a few questions. What makes your product different from your competitors? Will your product lines have a common thread? Who is your target customer? These questions will help guide what ingredients to use, packaging, label, fragrances, Design and more.



Using the latest in cosmetic chemistry innovation, our chemists create a formula that reflects the information in the New Product formulation Request provided. A bench sample within your budget is created and given to you to test. After reviewing the first sample, we ask for feedback and begin to adjust the formula based off your comments.
Once you have approved the formula, we will begin the Stability and Compatibility Testing. This 3 month period will test the stability of the formula and compatibility with your packaging. Samples of finalized packaging are required for the test to be precise. If you wish to bypass Stability and Compatibility Testing, we require you to sign a waiver but will continue to run testing concurrently with your first production run.



We recommend scheduling an appointment to visit our showroom, which features over 100 packaging samples in different options from various vendors for packaging inspiration. MPL works with companies to carry out your design, labels and screen printing, packaging, secondary packaging (boxes, bags, etc.) Start to Finish Label Included.

Once we have finalized your packaging and label options to Clients exact specifications, we will place orders with Packaging Supplier we work with on a daily bases to have them ship directly to our warehouse. We will warehouse packaging for products that have pending orders or have established a pattern with order history. Betch Sizes can vary between 5k lb’s to 40k lb’s considering the size and unit count of order.



After you have placed your order for production, we will send an invoice for the 50% non-refundable deposit. This deposit is used for our purchasing department to place orders for all the raw materials and packaging required to produce your product. Lead times vary based on vendors, ingredient location, and more. Once all components have arrived to our facility, meaning ingredients, packaging, labels, etc. we can begin the production phase. We will create large batch sizes of your approved sample. Throughout production we pay close attention and run various quality control checks, giving your products our upmost care and eye to detail.
After the completion and the QC checks of the bulk product, we will begin to fill your containers. Your product will be filled, capped, labeled, coded and sealed all in one line. After filling is completed, we will run a QC check again while putting the products into any secondary packaging (if applicable.) Your products will be packaged into case boxes and labeled for easy identification.



There are various options for shipping your products. Shipping can be arranged by you or through our shipping coordinator. Our shipping coordinator will calculate your freight and contact multiple freight companies to get the best shipping quote. After your case packs are ready, we will calculate the final inventory count. Our billing department will adjust your invoice to reflect the final count and include shipping costs.
Your distributors may require you to ship products to multiple distribution centers. We can arrange the shipment of your products to multiple distribution centers, providing you with the proper paperwork to present to your distributor.
Products being shipped overseas will be sent through any of the various ports local to our offices including Chicago ports and New York ports.